Jihad Junkies Sweden


Sweden is a basket case of swill ideas!

Only in Sweden would you see political support for giving jihad junkies a second chance in society, thinking that ”a job” will sway their opinions about Mohamed’s prime directive, (to directly interfere with all other life forms, and kill them if they refuse).

From the Sweden Report:


”So, what to do with a horde of fanatical, battle-hardened terrorists suddenly popping up in the midst of a frail civil society? Why, coddle them of course.

“We have discussed how to work with these guys who have returned so that they don’t go back again, and that they should get help processing their traumatic experiences,” says local politician Rasmus Persson. They are also “discussing the options for helping these young men get jobs”.

So now ISIS has an awesome recruitment tool: Come to Syria and participate in the carnage, rape a few sex slaves and gain fame for beheading a few infidels before the camera. Then, when you’ve had your fill, you simply hop on the plane back to Sweden, where do-gooders are falling over backwards to welcome you home and get you set up with a job and apartment. Go straight to Go and collect $200.

Yes, this will discourage future ISIS recruitment for sure.”

More here at SR.

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  1. Banning their return to Sweden is part of the answer of course. But the pansies in the EU parliament should bite the bullet, deny them of the ‘human rights’ that ISIS denies all others – and permanently ban their re-entry to any EU country.

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