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Don’t lie to me, then tell me that you’re for me.

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Spectator: Later we discussed Islamism, a movement which as a Muslim I recognise masquerades as the great monotheism of Islam but is starkly totalitarian in ideology with a foundational tenet of subjugating democracy. More significantly, Islamism harbors cosmic enmity to all Jewish and by extension Israeli entities and institutions. It is because I am an observing Muslim that I can emphatically reject Islamism – neither anti-Semitism nor anti-Zionism have basis in Islam.

Because she is a devout agitprop Muslim, she can look straight at the non-believer, lie through her teeth and pass a lie-detector test, without causing the needle to jump all over the place. Andy Bostom speaking about Daniel Pipe’s negation of classic Islamic inspired anti-Semitism:

Notwithstanding Pipes’ Islamic negationism, and concomitant, if absurd, projection of Islamic Jew-hatred on to Christianity (or Nazism), the “apes and pigs” references to Jews, derive from motifs repeated in specific Koranic verses, the classical and modern exegeses of these verses by Islam’s most authoritative Koranic commentators, and their elaboration in the canonical traditions of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Indeed, as I will also show, the overarching historical “context” within Islamdom reveals that this canonical Islamic Jew-hatred and intimately related jihadism has been actualized across a nearly 14-century continuum — past as prologue to the present.

This summary assessment is based upon my own exhaustive study of primary Islamic doctrinal and historical sources—confirmed whenever possible by contemporaneous non-Muslim primary source materials—as well as seminal analyses by the greatest Western specialists who actually took the time to study the phenomenon of Islamic Jew-hatred, including its textual basis, and resultant historical manifestations. These important scholars of Islamic Antisemitism, spanning a century from the late 19th through late 20th centuries — from Hartwig Hirschfeld in the mid 1880s, Georges Vajda in the late 1930s, S.D. Goitein in 1971, and Haggai Ben-Shammai in 1988 — have demonstrated, collectively, all of the following:

–        Clear historical evidence of specific Islamic antisemitism, from the Geniza record of the high Middle Ages (10th to 13th centuries)— including the coinage of a unique Hebrew word to characterize such Muslim Jew-hatred, sinuth — published in full by Goitein as of 1971

–        The content of foundational Muslim sources detailing the sacralized rationale for Islam’s anti-Jewish bigotry, including Hartwig Hirschfeld’s mid-1880s essay series on Muhammad’s subjugation of the Jews of Medina, based upon the earliest pious Muslim biographies of Muhammad, and George Vajda’s elegant, comprehensive 1937 analysis focusing primarily on the hadith (the putative words and deeds of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, as recorded by pious transmitters)

–        Haggai Ben-Shammai’s concise 1988 study of key examples of Jew-hatred in the Koran and Koranic exegesis.

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