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Vlad Tepes Blog responds to a Nazi scapegoating Jews for Barbara Learner Spectre…

Essays could be written on it and have been. But the Nazis, specifically Hitler, loved Islam because of its Jew hatred and its violence. He was clear on it in his manifesto. And yes its still true today. The subtle difference is that modern Nazis try to hijack anything and everything which causes an emotional reaction, to try and make it about Jews to foster hatred, even when the story has nothing whatsoever to do with Jews or Judaism.

Barbara Learner Spectre is the most famous example. Interestingly she is not despised because she is a commie. Or that she is a woman. Or that she is a white woman. Or that she is a Swede. Or a Scandinavian. All of which have about as much influence on her attitudes as her ethnic Jewishness. Except of course that she is a commie. Which is where all her destructive BS comes from.

There are hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish women who spew the same shite about free market nation states. But the Nazis love to post BLS videos everywhere they can to make it about the Jews.

Let me make this point more clearly:

Modern cultural-Marxism, AKA communism, asks all its followers to USE their ethnic identity as a weapon against classical civilization. This indeed is true for Jews, as it is for women who are third wave or fourth wave feminists, black people with “Black Lives Matters, for whom black lives clearly do not matter but destroying the west does, Homosexual groups who advocate only for leftist causes and ignore Islamic atrocities against gay people as its not part of the Marxist agenda, along with every other form of sexual deviancy or even whimsical notions of personal “gender”. A Marxist term intended to divide and conquer while shutting down real biological science of sex and sexuality. Much like the Soviet communists also did.

Jews are no more and no less guilty of this than every other identifiable group which has tied its horse to Marxist thought. The common enemy of civilization is Marxism. And those enemies are really only in two categories. Agents who know what they are doing, and useful idiots.

Barbara Learner spectre knows what she is doing and I hope she gets what she deserves. But her crap is Marxist not Jewish just like feminist’s commie BS is not female but Marxist and BLM BS is also Marxist and not an inherent attribute of being black skinned.

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