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H/T: Vlad 

Comment from Don C at Vlad’s. which adds some context:

The narrative has been inculcated so assiduously for so long they still think they can get away with that, they still think it will work. It’s just a glancing allusion – white neo-Nazis on the march – to a set of myths and images that have become the post-modern cultural inheritance, the way people once knew Greek gods and the Bible.

And that’s all that’s needed, they continue to count on. Familiar associations, associated feelings arise in the viewer, they provide the illusion of knowledge. Hate is channeled, redirected from real enemies to approved ones, the viewer’s PC world-view is reinforced and he moves on: what are the football results, what are the personalities up to?

It’s worn thin, this dog-eared playbook cribbed from the Frankfurt School, Orwell and Pavlov, it’s very predictable, but they go on using it. Perhaps with a report like this in the middle of an ongoing Muslim terror attack they’ve already gone too far.

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