Finland Fraud Free Speech


Faux free speech advocate.

These are the Quislings of our times. The man tries all kinds of mental gymnastics to get around the fact that he’s squatting over our free speech rights and taking a massive dump. But don’t worry, he insists that he’ll keep on punning Finnish politicians and the Christian church! What a disgrace.

Finlandization anyone?

teuvo vs. westergaard

Cartoonist: I wouldn’t go poking the Muslim hornet’s nest

The caricaturist and cartoonist Teuvo Salminen wants to take a position on drawing. In his opinion, a limit however has to be made. For example, Lutheranism, he can criticize, but Islam topics he does not dare to touch – because of his own skin.

Rauma’s Teuvo Salminen, is in shock over the news from France. He feels that the terrorists attacked his counterparts, when they opened fire on the Charlie Hebdo magazine office. He is aware of the risks for a long time and have chosen to pen objects carefully.

– Yes in Finland you have to be careful with drawings. Religious issues are taboo and not worth to get involved in, if you want to save your skin, Salminen says.

Already limits on the subject from the Mohamed drawings brouhaha

French cartoonists’ decision to seize on a dangerous topic has divided opinions in the world. According to Teuvo Salminen, cartoonists should be able to take a stand on anything. At the moment it does not seem to be possible.

I do not want to impugn Islamic taboos and poke a hornet’s nest – Teuvo Salminen

– Alarm bells began to ring after the Jyllands-Posten’s tragic events a few years ago.

Denmark’s largest daily newspaper, published in 2005, Muhammad-themed comics created a big fuss, which resulted in, among other things, demonstrations, killings and bomb threats.

– I understood that that kind of topics you couldn’t draw about. People have beliefs and that should be respected. Not everything can be poked about Salminen says.

He deliberately shun risky subjects.

Drawings can’t go overboard

Teuvo Salminen’s pen does not touch Islamic faith issues. Lutheranism, however, he dares to criticize.

– Yes, your country’s policies and activities of the Church must be able to criticized, but even in those you have to be self-critical. The drawing should not go overboard. YLE

 H/T: Simon Elo

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