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I recently has a commenter stating that that’s what they deserved:

CharlieHebdo’ got exactly what they deserved by putting innocent people’s lives in danger. Their images are not to be valued as something of value but mere scum.

I  couldn’t disagree with him more. The issue is about one ideology which says it can’t be mocked, allowing them that destroys our way of life. Free speech protects that with which we disagree, not that which we agree upon. No ideology has the right not to be mocked, otherwise we invite tyranny. Also, his suggestion that they deserved to be brutally murdered… beyond the pale.

Once again, if you want to have a free society, you have to allow for a diversity of thought and free speech, even that kind of speech that turns your stomach, it’s the price we pay (and I gladly pay) for living in a free society.

Inside massacre newsroom: Chilling image reveals blood-soaked papers strewn across Charlie Hebdo office after 12 were shot dead

charlie hebdo

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: This is the haunting first photograph (right) from inside the devastated Charlie Hebdo office hit in a deadly terrorist attack in Paris yesterday. The chilling image from the building shows blood-stained wooden floors, papers strewn across the corridor and a pool of red in one corner. Eight journalists, two police officers, a maintenance worker and a visitor were killed in the horrifying attack on the anti-Islamist newspaper.

Tonight, two armed suspects wanted over the massacre were being pursued through woodland as a huge manhunt closed in on a forest. Members of the French police special force GIPN are pictured (bottom left) carrying out searches in Corcy today. Also pictured (top left) are six of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and staff members killed – circled top from left are Philippe Honore, Georges Wolinski, Bernard Maris and Jean Cabut. Below them on the stairs, from left, are editor Stephane Charbonnier and cartoonist Bernard ‘Tignous’ Verlhac.

More here.

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