Islam in France


No amount of money and back bending to placate them will ever be enough to satisfy them, let alone to turn things around.

I disagree with the premise of the article, that society bears the responsibility for these enclaves, when it’s the individual’s responsibility to make do with his or her own life. Also, the way the Islamic mindset works, it’s anti-western from the git-go, and importing millions of them into the West can only bring down the state in which they reside.

Nicolai Sennels: ”I conducted therapy with the Muslim and Danish inmates in both groups and individually: Individual therapy, Anger Management groups and Mindfulness training. During the hundreds of hours with both Danish (and a very small percentage of non-Muslim immigrants) and Muslim clients, a psychological profile of the Muslim culture became evident. We have to acknowledge the psychological differences between Muslims and Westerners if we want to understand the unsuccessful integration of Muslims in the West and its increasingly problematic consequences.”

The immigrant ghettoes where terror breeds: Concrete warren divided into ‘boxes’ houses 10,000 Muslims in grim Parisian enclave

A history of violence: Youths set cars ablaze and roam the streets as they battled police in Paris in 2005 

A history of violence: Youths set cars ablaze and roam the streets as they battled police in Paris in 2005

  • Seven-storey block is where suspect Cherif Kouachi was radicalised
  • It lies in Gennevilliers – just seven miles from the Charlie Hebdo office
  • Half a century ago it was an archetypically French community
  • Now you can walk street without seeing a solitary white Frenchman

The door is an angry shade of purple, like every other door in the seven-storey block. It has no handle, and no name beside the buzzer – just a heavy lock, and spyhole for checking out unwelcome callers.

The building is a vast and seemingly impenetrable concrete warren divided into some 600 apartments – or perhaps ‘boxes’ would be a better term, given their cramped proportions.

Surrounded by dozens of similarly forbidding, state-owned monstrosities housing some 10,000 Muslims, the vast majority of North African origin, this is the grim Parisian enclave where Cherif Kouachi was radicalised – and is believed to have plotted the horrific magazine massacre.

From the Marais, the chic quarter where Charlie Hebdo’s offices are situated, it took my taxi barely 20 minutes to reach his seventh-floor flat in the northern suburb of Gennevilliers yesterday. Though it is just seven miles from the scene of the carnage, once you pass beneath the thundering Peripherique ring-road and enter this soulless district, you have reached a parallel universe.

Half a century ago, Gennevilliers was an archetypically French community, as illustrated by the charming sepia photographs hanging in the Brazza brasserie, opposite the town hall, showing people dining on shady terraces, and riding bicycles in their berets.

Then, the faces were almost all Gallic. Today, you can walk the length of a crowded boulevard here without seeing a solitary white Frenchman, and the idyllic ambience lives only in the memory of the very few older residents who remain.

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