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Remember this one?:

Danish psychiatrist: Muslim refugees more happy in a culture and climate they are used to

Danish psychiatrist: Muslim refugees more happy in a culture and climate they are used to

Translated from Berlingske:

Danish People’s Party (DF) has launched a proposal that serves the refugees better. The problem is that neither the refugees themselves nor the goodness-industry on the Left have discovered this fact.

DF has launched the idea of having Danish led refugee camps in Africa and other places. Kenya is mentioned as a useful example. Rather than accommodate the refugees here in Denmark we should send them to the continent where they come from; So much closer to the country they one day will be going back to. A place where the climate and economic conditions are similar to what they are used to. …

Let’s look more closely at whether the stay in Denmark makes Muslim refugees happier.

Fact is that immigrants from non-western countries perform significantly worse than others. This also includes their children and grand children (so-called 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants). Many will never be integrated into the labor market, do not learn Danish properly, do not understand our rules and customs, and often experience themselves as being marginalized and very frustrated. They maintain a parallel society by sending their children to Muslim private schools. 60% of women from non-Western countries are unemployed.

I have talked to many immigrants who are frustrated by for example the requirement to look for jobs and educate themselves, and who say “they hate Denmark and miss their homeland.” Their children live in an uncomfortable identity crisis when they do not feel really Danish or really Arab/Pakistani/Turkish etc.. They are forced to marry often poorly educated men and women from their homeland, and thus keep the poisonous pot of lack of integration boiling. It is in this pot that fundamentalists recruit new followers. …

Liberals and Leftists think that life in Denmark is always best. But it’s not for everyone. To live in a culture that is so different from one’s own values, is rarely healthy. This is obvious when it comes to many Muslim immigrants, who never found their footing in Denmark, and whose only contribution is a huge economic burden on society.

Therefore, DF’s proposal is humane and wise. Critics might call the proposal inhumane, but I would argue that living in a culture with a set of values you do not share, is very frustrating. You can feel all alone in Ishoej (Muslim ghetto) despite having a flat screen, Ikea sofa and 8,000 kroner in cash, supplemented by other benefits.

Therefore, refugees should thank DF for their groundbreaking proposal. It will in the long run serve both parties best.”

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