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German scandal: undercover journalist played racist in interview to make anti-Islamim movement Pegida look bad

German scandal: undercover journalist played racist in interview to make anti-Islamim movement Pegida look bad


The Pegida movement calls the media “Lügepresse” (lying press), because it does not depict the consequences and dangers of Islamic mass-immigration properly. The below incidence, where an undercover journalists is interviewed by other journalists, and uses the interview to depict the Pegida movement as half-racist, confirms Pegida’s concern about the media’s honesty. The undercover journalist used to work at the interviewing journalists’ station, NDR, before he switched to RTL – meaning that he might know (and may even have colluded with) the interviewers who interview the fake “demonstrator”. 29 percent of Germans find the demonstrations “justified because of the degree of influence that Islam was having on life in Germany.”

Translated from Lessentiel:

“A reporter from the German private broadcaster RTL went undercover and mixed with the Pegida demonstration in Dresden. He wanted to talk with participants of the demonstration. But something happened: A team of journalists from the ARD political magazine “Panorama”, which is produced by the NDR, interviewed the undercover reporter.

“The Islamization has a broad impact on our daily lives,” he said willingly into the camera. We feel it “on the road, in a residential area. Sometimes I think: Are we really still in Germany?” the man said. “When you go out, there are quite a lot of Turks. Many of them are nice, but they are becoming so many, that you start thinking: Are we really still German in Germany,” he says. …

After the controversial statements the undercover journalist got fired. “We will no longer use this colleague. He has committed an error that is inexcusable,” said the head of the RTL-country Studios East, Thomas Praekelt. “He should not provoke or encourage persecution, let alone other journalists play a role for other journalists.”


The Tundra Tabloids ran into a similar minded ”journalist” four years ago in Berlin, during an anti-islamization speech at the Potsdamer Platz, one of the many ”platz’s” that dot the city.


He yelled at me, “F*ng  bastard”, to which the Tundra Tabloids responded: “Lithium is no longer available on credit”.

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