Why is the Jerusalem Post (which follows the TT on Twitter) calling these jihadi terrorist scum-bags, ”milititants”?

Spreading their tentacles.

‘Islamic State seeking bases inside Lebanon’

The flags of Lebanon and Islamic State

Islamic state militants holed up in the Qalamoun mountains on the Syrian-Lebanese border are seeking to gain control of nearby Lebanese villages to support their fighting positions, the head of Lebanon’s main security apparatus told Reuters.

Major General Abbas Ibrahim said Lebanese forces were on high alert to prevent the hardline militants from seizing any Lebanese territory near the Qalamoun mountains, which demarcate Lebanon’s eastern border with Syria.

Such crossborder incursions would add to concern that Lebanon, which suffered its own civil war in 1975-90, could be drawn further into the conflict in neighboring Syria.

Fighting from Syria has regularly spilled into Lebanon since the war erupted nearly four years ago. In 2014, Islamic State and Syria’s al-Qaida wing attacked the border town of Arsal and took Lebanese soldiers captive. Gunmen including militants linked to Islamic State also clashed with the army in the coastal city of Tripoli.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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