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And glo-bull warming /climate change is supposed to be only a relatively recent phenomenon.

But the reason for the republishing of the story here, is the way Yle, the Finnish state broadcaster/media giant reports the story, in its usual over-stating of the case to perpetuate the chosen meme, all hot weather / any kind of weather, means only one thing, global warming.

NOTE: The absence of any mention that world temperature has not risen in 18 years, and in fact, for 12 of these years it has slightly cooled, should tell you something about the agenda of Yle.

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2014 the second hottest year in Finnish history

Purjeveneen purje taivasta vasten

Weather-wise, 2014 was an extraordinary period in many ways. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI, last year will go down as the second warmest in Finnish history.

According to the weather experts at FMI the only other year to beat the average heat record in Finland in 2014, was 1938, when it was just 0.15 degrees warmer. Temperatures in Finland were 1.6 degrees higher than the long term average – in other words warmer than the period from 1981 to 2010, FMI said.

The meteorologists noted that last winter was also remarkably mild, with the most striking thermal cycles occurring in February and March, July and August as well as the beginning of December.

Moreover during 2014 Finland was wrapped in a blanket of heat for 50 days – 14 days more than usual. The year’s highest temperature was recorded in Pori, western Finland, on August 4, when the mercury crept up to 32.8 degrees Celsius at the local railway station.

The coldest day of 2014 was on January 20, when a weather station in Kevojärvi, Utsjoki in the north measured a frigid low of -40.7 degrees Celsius.


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