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Sweden’s Christmas Junta and Why It Matters Here

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, December 30, 2014 7:39 AM 

In a post titled “The Christmas Junta,’ Gates of Vienna reports on appalling developments in Sweden, where the political establishment’s policy of population replacement via mass Third World immigration is being challenged in parliament by the lone opposition party, Sweden Democrats. Rather than play by democracy’s rules, the Establishment is going junta.

This is a very important piece with direct relevance to our condition here. Why?

The American people are undergoing an identical “junta”-like suppression here, particularly if we allow for the differences between the US and Swedish governing systems. We have the same Democrat/GOP Establishment flouting the wishes (votes) of Americans, ramming through, with shameful ease, dictator-amnesty over the objections of the same embattled minority/opposition. Indeed, Swedes may be at an advantage since Sweden Democrats holds 13 percent of the parliament — likely a higher percentage of immigration stalwarts than the GOP can lay claim to, no matter how stupendous Sen. Jeff Sessions is.

I went to Sweden six years ago and interviewed members of Sweden Democrats. They were a tiny, fractional party then, with perhaps a couple of members in parliament. Members of the other political parties wouldn’t shake their hands, let alone speak to them. Sweden Democrat rallies and meetings were often scenes of physical attack and intimidation by so-called “anti-fascists.” With a consistent anti-immigration, pro-Sweden/West/Israel message, they have come an amazingly long way to become the third largest party in Swedish parliament today — provoking the other political parties to destroy their own democracy to avoid SD’s popularity — and all over the Establishment’s schemes to maintain/increase immigration, the largest in Europe today.

The Swedish establishment is openly engaged in a policy of population replacement to maintain power, and by any means necessary.

Sound familiar?

More context to break from the GOP (starting here).


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