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In the US, the perp would have been taken out by the father’s gun, if he had one of course.

Father saves little daughter, I felt a terrible scream

The family still do not dare to return to their homes, says the father of Ekstra Bladet. (File photo)

A foreign man Thursday morning reached an eight year old girl who slept in her room

The family still do not dare to return to their home, says the father to Ekstra Bladet. (File photo)

– It feels like a nightmare. We’re in hell.

So says the father of the eight-year-old girl on Thursday morning who was awakened by a strange man who entered her room in the home in Græsted. According to police, the man was talking about sex while he held the girl firmly.

– I woke up at just over 5 to the terrible screams, and then I run into my daughter’s room and see that there is a strange man bending over her, and he pressed her up in the corner of her bed

– He has an empty vodka bottle, which he holds above his head while he holds her in the abdomen or chest, and she screams, explains the father with tears in his voice. He also stated that the man most likely have gone through the front door, the family had forgotten to lock.

Blood all over the place

The 43-year-old father dragged the stranger in the house and yells to his wife that she needs to take her daughter and the couple’s six-year old son who is woken in the parents’ bed and scream and run away from the house.

– I have wrenched the bottle from him, which shatters on the floor. There is broken glass all over the place from the bottle as I jog around in, so there’s blood everywhere. Our room looked like a battlefield.

The father can not get the better of the strange man, described as very aggressive. Therefore, he runs over to the neighbor, where the mother and children have sought refuge. Together with his neighbor he decides to run back to the house where the stranger is still.

– We are fighting long to hold him, but he is very wild. He begins to make bun gestures and say ‘sex’ to us while we hold him fast. After some time, the police comes he explains.

The man, a 39-year-old asylum seeker with a residence permit in Denmark, was at a preliminary hearing later Thursday remanded in custody for 8 January.

Afraid he goes free

The family is so marked by the episode that they have not yet returned to their house. Instead, they are with relatives, and they spent most of the day talking to a crisis psychologist.

– One’s home is one’s sanctuary, and to see your precious, your child being threatened by a strange man who has nothing good in mind, it’s terrible, says the 43-year-old father, before his voice breaks together.

More here in Danish H/T: Baron Bodissey

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  1. I would have killed the guy and buried him in the garden. Scumbag.

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