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The only sure system that will protect you, is one that allows you to arm yourself.

The first problem I note with the article, is that these Jews are not seeking out Doris Wise Montrose and her group,, a group that empowers Jews in helping them defend themselves from potential attackers, who are mostly, nowadays, Muslims.

Here is my pal Doris in a FrontPageMag article explaining her rationale that I fully agree with:

”DM: […] While it may not look the same as the Holocaust in Europe with ghettos and concentration camps, Jews – and Christians – are targeted by Muslims because of who they are. It is a slower genocide – but genocide nonetheless. And the Muslims have stated their goals directly. As they move forward and spread out and find little or no resistance, they will quicken their pace.
People may say the overused phrase “Never Again” with conviction but it has no meaning unless we really take action to prevent another Holocaust. And since Israel – and the Jews – are the canary in the coal mine, Israel’s survival should be everyone’s goal – because the next Holocaust will not be limited to Jews.”

It’s highly problematic that Jews and Christians would be seeking the help from the Muslims for anything, seeing that we are always at a disadvantage in trying to determine who is genuinely not out to subjugate us, let alone, to murder us. True intentions do not come marked on their foreheads.

Fearing violence, U.S. Jewish groups create security infrastructure

More visible European anti-Semitism, increased anger towards Israel and a rise in Islamist extremism have led to the expansion of the  security infrastructure around U.S. Jewish institutions, with thousands of synagogues, student centers and other places seeking equipment and training to defend themselves against potential attacks.

Last month’s attack on a Jerusalem synagogue popular with Americans is the kind of thing that spurs U.S. institutions to look at their security. Since 2004, a primary clearinghouse for information and training on how to handle potential threats has been the Secure Community Network – a nonprofit created that year to beef up security at U.S. Jewish institutions.

The group, founded by several major Jewish institutions, also created an information-sharing network meant to connect Christian, Muslim and other faith groups to help one another if they learn something about a hate group that could potentially threaten others. It trains people on things including how to know whether to hire private security if you are attending or participating in a demonstration.

This month, the Network created and distributed a guide for Jewish groups on college campuses – including Hillel student centers and Jewish fraternities – that Network co-founder Paul Goldenberg said was a response to more intense anti-Israel activism on campuses.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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