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Diana is 100% correct.

There’s a deeper psychosis at work here than mere fecklessness by U.S.politicians, it’s a total warping of the American ideal, its civil society, traditions and way of life. Once the genie of leftism was let loose upon US society, without any significant push back by what should be its natural opposition, Republican (who supported ‘the progressive movement with Teddy Roosevelt) the U.S. began to twist inward on itself in an amazing hastened downward spiral.

Now the U.S. is a mere shell of itself (Ameritopia), with true conservatives within the Tea Party the only ones left holding on to the fabric upon which the country was founded (the Constitution), and what takes place within the GOP over the very next few years, will in part, determine the course of U.S. history. Will the GOP be wrested away from the clutches of the neo-statists* -who care for nothing other than being the caretakers of big Leftist takeovers of the private sector- or will the RINOS maintain their hold of the GOP?

But most importantly, will the states begin to exert their rights through Article V state conventions, circumventing congress altogether? It’s that process that will mostly determine the fate of every American, it is the only process by which the people themselves can be heard on the national level. The state legislatures are the closest from of national government to the people, and bears the greatest chances of success in turning the tide of what Diana depicts in her article.

A crisis of ideology is the real crisis, not the illegal masses, not even the transnational drug cartels and terrorists among them. All such threats are beatable or deportable, and thus surmountable – if, that is, there was sufficient political will to defend the border that defines the nation. But, the magnificent exception of Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and a few other stalwarts aside, there isn’t such will.
Our political elites display the globalist’s contempt for the national border – for boundaries in general – and that’s what puts the American people in peril. It is this same zealotry that sees no reason to prevent travelers from Ebola-stricken countries from deplaning into the nation’s airports and cities – and no reason not to deploy U.S. troops on possible suicide missions to Ebola hot spots.

A Border That Is No Barrier Is Still A National Crisis

This week’s syndicated column:

About a dozen news cycles ago, Americans seemed horrified by the border crisis – horrified by the tens of thousands of illegal aliens, many of them minors, crashing across the southern border.

These aliens were heading not into no man’s land and then deportation, but straight into the United States of Obamaland, an awaiting federal superstructure where travel, housing, health care, education, legal aid and even “amnesty” were promised for all, probably forever, and gratis. It’s hard not to see this ongoing episode as a federally organized invasion of the nation paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

And now? The focus has weakened since the feds and their federally financed “religious charities” dispersed many thousands of border-crashers across the country. The “national crisis” story has fractured into innumerable local stories about classroom chaos as teachers grapple…

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NOTE: * A Mark Levin coined phrase for the present condition of the GOP RINO’s

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