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Like I keep saying, Sweden is a petri dish of what ails the rest of the world.

If not for faux humanitarians continuously throwing a life line to these Arab genocidal maniacs that rule the roost in Ramallah and in Gaza City, there would be more of a calm, and overall general increase in prosperity for Arabs in the region. They can’t carry on with their jihad on their looks, they need cash, and lots of it.

These faux humanitarians which Sweden has in abundance (regardless of party affiliation, which goes to show the destructive power of consensus driven politics) offer the Paleostinian genocidal maniac hope to eventually achieve their aims, that being, the destruction of Israel. Sweden plays a big role in their goals in the ramping up of the rhetoric and political pressure in international settings.

Sweden and Israel tensions deepen

Sweden and Israel tensions deepen

Debates over Löfven’s comments continue in Jerusalem. Photo: TT

Published: 06 Oct 2014 16:04 GMT+02:00

Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser was called in by the ministry’s deputy director general for Europe, Aviv Shir-On.

According to the AFP news agency, he “protested and expressed Israel’s disappointment” at Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s announcement about his country’s shift in approach, which he made during his first speech in parliament on Friday.

Shir-On warned that such a move would “not contribute to the relations between Israel and the Palestinians, but in fact worsen them.”

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