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Coming to a town near you. 

Because in the distorted minds of devout Muslims, learning about the human body with students of both genders is a ”violation of rights”.

Turkey: teachers union wants abolition of mixed-sex classes

26 SEPTEMBER, 16:01

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, SEPTEMBER 26 – Egitim-Bir-Sen, an education sector trade union with conservative views, has demanded the abolition of mixed-sex education, a move that comes in the wake of the government’s decision to allow grade-five girls to wear headscarves in class – another of the group’s demands. As daily Hurriyet online reports, the declaration by Egitim-Bir-Sen, which is headed by Ahmet Gundogdu, who also heads the umbrella organization Memur-Sen, said mixed-education system was a “violation of rights.”

More here. h/t: Baron Bodissey

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  1. This is a fearsome technique…isolating female children with authority figures who champion and practice the pedophilia life-style of a somewhat fictional and revered despot named “Mohammed”. Did I not mention the extremes of corporal punishment they also seem to dish out with an extra large helping of relish? This is not going to end well. The misogynists will be allowed to continue honing their crafts, picking off the most vulnerable of their flock, for it is exactly the vulnerable who will reap the full weight of punishment for their oppressor’s actions under Sharia law. This is exponentially more cruel than simple double jeopardy. It is a one way ticket to insanity. How easily they sacrifice their children on the alter of the moon-god. We must never stop discussing this and do all we can to prevent the spread of this awful mind set – speak out and speak up!

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