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In Islam, there is no freedom to choose.

Another classic example of outside (non-Islamic) influences softening Islamic thinking. Nothing approaching modern thinking stems from any Islamic impulse, it’s from non-Islamic sources, hence the reason to state, quite accurately and as often as possible, that Islam is by itself, alien, and demonstratively opposed to a liberal free society in which pluralism is a founding feature.

NOTE: Jews and Christians voice their disapproval over similar congregations in their own communities, but I have never heard of any of them even attempting to force a ”shut down” of their doors, let alone through the help of government officials. It’s a private affair, it’s called belonging to the concept of a free society, where freedom to choose, even if it’s not deemed a ”right choice” by others, is a unalienable right.

gay and women friendly s.african mosque closes down due outside pressure 27.9.2014

FM: Gates Of Vienna:

Gay-Friendly Mosque in Cape Town Forced to Close

A gay- and woman-friendly mosque that opened recently in South Africa was quickly forced to close, ostensibly because it violated local zoning regulations.

As Vlad Tepes points out, Muslim activists were able to pressure the city into closing this blasphemous mosque, but they never do the same to any mosque that incites violent jihad.

Funny about that.

Many thanks to Vlad for adding commentary to this BBC report:

Read the accompanying BBC article.

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