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Which means more unemployment and reduced services and lowering of life standards.

These morons will take us back to the stone age if they could. It reminds me of a green lunatic I ran into a couple of years ago in front of one of the largest shopping malls in Helsinki. Listening to him drone on about how much we’re ‘damaging our environment, it was easy to deduce how he would like all of us to live.

”Life was much better when we had animal drawn vehicles”

After reminding him of:

the swarms of flies and the disease they spread, which kept huge numbers of people ill or dying at any given time, as well as reminding him of the huge advances that the industrial revolution (birth of real free market capitalism) created, such as human longevity, resulting from improved health and living standards (people actually able to live long enough to see their grand children), the lifting of hundreds of millions (tens of billions over time) of the traditionally dirt poor, out of desperate, bone crushing poverty,”

he shut his mouth and went peddling his nonsense to others.

NOTE: A pal just recently sent this in to a radio station concerning the topic of ”Climate Change”:

In Neolithic times, when man lived in harmony with nature, it took over 60 square miles per man, woman and child to get the resources required to survive a harsh and brutish life.

There is a reason why there are few large animals in South America for example. Pre agricultural man hunted them to extinction.

The myth that ‘natural’ is somehow better is propagated by people who have never known hunger and usually serious disease and also never faced death at the hands of a predator.

Agriculture and animal husbandry, modern farming, has not only been infinitely better for mankind, but for the rest of the world as it allowed humanity to thrive while mostly leaving the rest of the world alone to its own devices.

Climate is driven by the Sun and this has been proven with real science even as recently as the 1990s by Danish scientists and detailed in the documentary, ‘The Cloud Mystery’.

If anyone wants to see how real climate science is done, watch that.

President Niinistö calls for action at UN climate summit

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has warned that climate change will be inevitable and could get out of hand if nothing is done. Speaking at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, the president urged governments to sign a new global agreement at next year’s Paris climate conference.

Sauli Niinistö
Finnish President Sauli Niinistö addresses the United Nations in New York Tuesday. Image: UNTV

Making his pitch for concerted global action to reverse climate change, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö called for a new global climate change agreement to be adopted in Paris next year. He noted that even Finland is accelerating actions to roll back climate change.

“As we noted at the Warsaw conference last year, Finland is a member of the Green climate fund. I am proud to announce that Finland plans to support initial funding of the fund’s resource mobilisation initiative,” Niinistö said.

Finland to reduce emissions 80 percent by 2050

More at the government propaganda mill, Yle

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