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This is happening in a post WWII Europe which promised ”Never Again”.

It doesn’t help that they’ve imported tens of millions of hostile (to Jews/Western way of life) Muslims either. Europe has so thoroughly screwed itself it’s almost impossible to unwind the mess.

It can however be undone, but not until individual governments take a-no-nonsense approach to sharia law, making it impossible for Muslims to practice ”public square sharia”, in other words, Islamic law that effects the non-Muslim, as well as ending the policy of ”open borders” for Muslim immigration and its refugees.

Also, an end to the welfare state that draws 3rd world immigrants to the continent, and to government statism in general, which curries unhealthy relationships with crony (faux) capitalists who want as much cheap labor as possible and use the government and its deep pockets to best their rivals.

Anti-Semitic attacks nearly double in France

Total of 529 anti-Semitic actions or threats registered up to end of July, against 276 for same period last year, Jewish group says. Paris police arrest anti-Semite black power leader.

AFP Published: 09.15.14, 21:11 / Israel Jewish Scene

Anti-Semitic attacks nearly doubled in France in the first seven months of the year, the country’s main Jewish group says.

On Sunday, Paris police arrested a convicted anti-Semite and radical black power activist after he arrived in France to promote a new book, a police source told AFP.

A total of 529 anti-Semitic actions or threats were registered up to the end of July, against 276 for the same period last year, the Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) said, citing figures gleaned from the interior ministry.

They included violence against individuals, arson and vandalism.

Such anti-Semitic acts “exacerbate the growing unease that oppresses Jews in France each day and overshadows their future”, CRIF said in a statement.

Yet more worrying, the group added, is the appearance of new forms of violence against Jews – including attacks by organized gangs and the targeting of synagogues, as well as acts of vandalism against Jewish businesses and “terrorist attacks.”

Last week, the French office of the Jewish Agency for Israel said that more Jews have left France for Israel so far this year than from any other country, blaming a “climate of anti-Semitism.”

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