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Imam Chants “Allah Akbar” During 9/11 Memorial At Catholic University In Florida

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  1. I could refer to myself as much greater than Allah because he’s a mythical fairy who doesn’t exist!

  2. From wikiislam:

    Claim: ‘Akbar’ means ‘great.’
    Fact: ‘Akbar’ in English is translated ‘greater,’ not ‘great.’

    Note that people who are self-described monotheists rely upon a comparative. Further, again from wkiislam:

    Claim: ‘Allah’ is simply the Arab word for ‘God.’
    Fact: ‘God’ in Arabic is translated ‘ilah,’ not ‘Allah.’

    So, of the several ilahs, Allah is greater than the others. Perhaps it is hard to keep “facts” straight when one’s make them up.

  3. If they invited a Muslim (and a priest at that), they should be ready for anything he says.

    I believe that there must be a gap between the thinking of the organizers and the audience.


  4. It should be legal to discriminate against religions as part of the ‘religious freedom’ that comes with being an atheist. Religious nuts have long accused atheism of being a ‘faith’ so why shouldn’t we embrace that and also with it the protections offered, just as muslims discriminate against … well, anyone who isn’t a muslim pretty much! I mean they’re worshipping a used car salesman who was a criminal, a thief, a mass murderer, and a child rapist. How can we expect them to have ANY moral fiber amongst them?

    1. Promethius, you’re exactly right. We discriminate in all aspects of society, religions shouldn’t be any different, just because someone deems something as ”holy” (to them), does not mean it has to be ”holy ” to me. That said, I believe, but it doesn’t mean that no one isn’t allowed to question that faith, rake it over the coals in criticism, or at least….doubt it. Christianity has long since run the gambit of criticism, Judaism as well, Islam happens to be the world’s only major belief (and political system) that deems its ideology outside the bounds of critique that effects the rest. And as you say, even atheists have to experience critique, as well as complete rejection, so to Islam, in fact it’s imperative that we do so.

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