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Amira Hass, pseudo journalist for the Haha-aaretz

amira hass

Throwing stones is the birthright and duty of anyone subject to foreign rule. Throwing stones is an action as well as a metaphor of resistance.

During the  Q&a period at the misnamed ”peace forum” sponsored by the Left-wing anti-Israel ICAHD organization and Hakunila, a Finnish ”multicultural” organization whose supposed objectives are:

“to promote the awareness and knowledge of the different cultures and advance multicultural activities in the Finland. We aim for overall tolerance in Finland by applying preventive and antiracist policies.”

I stated that, not only is the forum an anti-thesis of what it supposedly promotes, that being ”peace”, it includes promoters of violence, namely Amira Hass, who stated that throwing stones is the Palestinians ”birthright”. She advocates violence between peoples, citizens of the P.A. to chuck stones at citizens of Israel.

I called her out on that, and she took it rather badly. Too bad, she’s indeed a useful stooge, and that makes her an idiot.

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  1. You should have thrown a stone at her head and said you’re a Palestinian

  2. Hass was raised in a Communist family. The Communists did not oppose occupation in principle but only where and when expedient. When Nazi Germany and the Communist USSR jointly occupied Poland in the fall of 1939, the various Communist parties opposed resistance on the grounds that Germany was the victim of international imperialism. The ex-Communist Jacques Doriot led the body of Vichyite thugs, the PPF. The Communist Jacques Duclos negotiated after the occupation with the German occupation authorities to allow legal resumption of publication of the Communist daily, l’Humanité:
    En juin 1940 . . . . . Jacques Duclos et Maurice Tréand sont convoyés depuis Bruxelles par un diplomate chilien et arrivent à Paris aux alentours du 15 juin.
    [The Germans occupied France in June 1940]
    En contact régulier avec l’Internationale Communiste de Moscou, les deux hommes assument ensemble la prise de contact avec les autorités allemandes en vue de faire reparaître légalement l’Humanité

    Moreover, Communist USSR took over from the Tsars’ Russian empire a host of occupied countries, many of them Muslim, from the Caucasus to the Chinese border. The Communists did not advocate releasing these many countries from Soviet occupation.

  3. I did not mean by my previous comment to accept the claim that Israel occupies Judea-Samaria but only to demonstrate Communist hypocrisy regarding the phenomenon of occupation.

  4. Amira Hass had proudly admitted that she is a “Red Diaper Baby”. In a perfect world she would be driven to the Syrian border and deposited into Syria. Several years ago she was in Gaza and when Hamas came looking for her she ran to the Erez Crossing and sadly the IDF let her back into Israel.

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