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For crying out loud, let them all go to the Islamic State and take citizenship there.

Three Jihadis Released After Court Decision

A Dutch court has decided that three out of the four jihadis planning to go to Syria should be released, as there is not enough evidence to warrant keeping the two women and the one man in custody.  Child safety experts have to decide what to do with their six children. All of the released are Europeans that have converted to Islam.  The mayor of Huizen said that the release does not mean that the case is closed.

FM: BNFTN via Dutch

Three ‘jihadi’ parents released from jail, children’s future unclear

Friday 05 September 2014

Three of the four parents arrested a week ago in the town of Huizen after the secret service said they were planning to go to Syria have been released from jail.

A court on Thursday said there is not enough evidence to warrant keeping the two women and one man in custody. A 34-year-old man, named in the Telegraaf as Mourad M, was not released and will be held for a further 14 days.

Child safety experts are now deciding what to do with their six children – a girl aged eight months and five boys up to the age of nine. The children were split up and sent to foster families after their parents were arrested last Friday evening.


The public prosecution department alleges M’s Dutch convert wife Engelina and their five sons were planning to move to Syria in the very short term. The other couple, also said to be converted Europeans by the Telegraaf, had similar plans, the department claims.

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