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Finnish security police: Growing number of tips on terrorist recruiters

According to the Finnish security police Supo, the number of tips about ISIS terrorist group recruiters trying to lure young people living in Finland to the conflict areas in Iraq and Syria has increased. More than 40 people have left Finland for Syria’s conflict areas.

Ääri-islamilaisen ISIS-järjestön taistelijat ajavat paraatissa Mosulin läpi käyttäen autoja, jotka he olivat ottaneet haltuunsa paenneilta Irakin turvallisuusjoukoilta.
Extreme terrorist organisation ISIS is reportedly recruiting young Finnish Somalis. Image: Reuters-TV

The Finnish security police Supo says that recently it has received more tips about terrorist recruiters trying to lure young people to join extreme terrorist group ISIS than ever before.

The topic received extra attention on Saturday when immigrant activist Nur Mohamed published an open letter in his Uusi Suomi newspaper blog appealing for help combating the problem.

Meanwhile, Supo says that terrorist recruiting is not on a large scale in Finland.

Mohamed wrote that ISIS, which operates in Syria and Iraq, is recruiting young men from Finland in a very professional manner and in an alarmingly active way. He made a public appeal for help from Finnish officials to help prevent Finnish Somalis from being lured by ISIS.

Supo confirmed to Yle that in the last couple of weeks there has been an increase in tips about recruiters trying to lure young men to join terrorist groups such as ISIS.

“I don’t want to comment about what was written in a personal blog, but we have had received a growing amount of information that there are individuals who are trying to recruit people to go to conflict areas in Syria and Iraq. But there are no signs of a wide-scale organised recruitment drive,” says Jyri Rantala, Head of Communications for Supo.

According to Supo, more than 40 people have left Finland and gone to Syria presumably to fight. They include both men and women of different ethnic backgrounds, including those born in Finland. The average age of those who have left is just over 20 years old. Recruitment is reportedly happening via the internet and at shopping centres.

Supo says that its cooperation with Finnish Somalis has been smooth.

“We hope to further strengthen it in the future,” says Rantala.


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  1. The primary function of the state is to protect its citizens and so enable them to live in peace and security.

    So the solution in this context?

    Revoke the citizenship of these jihadis, tear up their passports, and boot them back to the Middle East. They are not fit to live in a civilised society.

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