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More bull crap about Muslim youth being marginalized.

Arab crybabies

”It’s the Finns fault” that Somali Muslim youth are turning to jihad, not the violent koran, hadiths and the words of the founder of this 7th century desert ideology, the head chopping warlord, Mohamed.

I guess Finland hasn’t prostrated itself enough, becoming more”islamic”, allowing sharia, and more entitlements. A question still gnaws at me though, how is it possible that large numbers of Somali ‘refugees’ are going back and forth between Finland and Somalia? Why is it that the Finnish state hasn’t repatriated them back to Somalia if they have been found ‘vacationing there’ and on multiple occasions?

ISIS – Finnish Somalis in need of assistance of the authorities

09/06/2014 10:00 Nur Mohamed

Dear Finnish authorities,

I am active in the Finnish Somali community, and I have a serious issue. So I, as well as the community are in needs of urgent help from you.

The reason for the need of assistance is due to the Iraq and the Levant organization called the Islamic State, which is better known as the ISIS-terrorist organization. This Trojan horse has come to spread its venom actively in Finland and attract our young people to their own operations.

ISIS’s recruitment is alarmingly active in the Finnish Somali community. Professional recruitment is targeting young men aged between 16 to 25 and have, unfortunately, managed to do this on several occasions.

Already dozens of young men have left Finland to fill the ISIS ranks of fighters.

We responsible Finns from Somali background, can not accept this. This makes us feel as bad as any ethnic Finn.

ISIS propaganda is actively disseminated today in the social media and its jihadist message is clear, black and white and simple. ISIS wants to set up a new Islamic dynasty- a country in which people live an Islamic life, the Caliph’s word is the Law, the rightly learned and from which honeyed milk flows. This is all true, only if you’re ready to fight it.

Somali youths living in Finland are fertile ground for swallowing propaganda for the recruiters. They experience a sense of not belonging and are disappointed with the way they have integrated into society – work is difficult to find, and Islam continues to to be a new religion in Finland. In Muslim eyes, Finland is clearly a Christian country.

When society rejects Somali youth, they are in great danger of being marginalized. In this case, ISIS recruiters strike.

 More here in Finnish.

NOTE: Genius doctor of history and philosophy, and TT nemisis, Jussi Jalonen, opines in the comments:


”This country’s army (TT: Finland) was founded by troops trained in Germany (WWI), Lauri Törni worshipped as a hero and Kaarlo Kurko, Marco Casagrande, Jani Anttola, Kössi Pietiläinen and other fortunate warriors  whose autobiographical stories of the war have been sold. This is not even a new thing among minority communities; once, the country’s Jewish population brought to Israel, during the war of independence more volunteers, proportionally, than any diaspora community.
Perhaps Muhammad Ali and Feisal only noticed that in this country ”guest fighters” is actually a moderately socially and culturally accepted thing? The boys had learned the ways of the land and wanted to be identical to the admired soldiers of fortune.”

Pretty despicable line of reasoning. I seriously doubt that any of the men mentioned, let alone the Jääkäri division (Jäger, 2000 Finns who trained in Germany during WWI) dreamed over world takeover, and the enslavement of the non-believer. Finnish Jews fighting in the ranks of the Haganah during Israel’s war of independence was one of do or die, life or complete annihilation, how dare this idiot compare savages and barbarians bent on totalitarian rule with Finns fighting for Finnish and Israeli independence. What a loon.

Kumitonttu observes however: 

On the other hand, Jussi Jalonen has it right. He says in the beginning:

Minua hieman arveluttaa se olettamus, että Syyriaan vierastaistelijoiksi lähteneet nuoret miehet olisivat huonosti integroituneita tai jollain tavoin syrjäytymisvaarassa.

I’m a bit suspicious of the assumption that the the young men who left for Syria as foreign fighters were poorly integrated, or in some way at risk of being excluded.

He agrees that it is not about how fine or how poor one gets assimilated in the western society. It is simply because of islam. It is like communism – impossible to live side by side with western culture. One can be “assimilated” but it is only skin deep – islam goes to the bones.

But hey – check out the word he uses for terrorists: “VIERAStaistelija”. That is not a word. He uses a pseudonym of the correct word “terrorist”. It is also very very disturbing that he compares Finnish Jews who fought in Israel 1948 to present muslim terrorists joining ISIS.

And Vasara Hammer weighs in: 

Superficial cleverness, feeble attempts at being funny and pathological dislike of his namesake (Halla-aho) are the most visible characteristics in Jalonen’s writings.

Here Jalonen is guilty of false analogy (or several false analogies). While the people Jalonen mentions fought in foreign militias or armies, they were not motivated by ideology. Pietiläinen joined the French foreign legion, because he wanted to escape the clutches of the law. Pietiläinen was an adventurer and the French Foreign legion was the end of the road in his adventures. Pietiläinen turned out to be a good soldier.

Also Törni fled Finland after the war and the US put his capabilities into use. Other officers of Finnish military also left the country because they feared the communist controlled security police Valpo. These officers were involved in creating weapons caches (asekätkentä) for the resistance against would be Soviet occupation. Had they stayed, the could have served time in jail.

There was also the case of Stella Polaris related to Finnish signal intelligence records being transferred to Sweden after the war:

Today’s jihadists can best be compared to those who went to the Spanish Civil war and fought on the side of the Republicans (i.e. communists and other leftist groups). They fought for a universal cause just like jihadists do.

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