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I wholeheartedly agree.

So would Archie, who was more on the money than Carrol O’Conner and the Meathead could ever admit:

Teachers at a Texas School Have Come Up With A Brilliant Way To Protect Their Students From Shootings

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The recent school shootings have had all Americans wondering, “How can we make our schools safer?”

Craven politicians seem only to have one “answer”: keep law-abiding citizens from owning guns, by passing strict laws that criminals never obey.

One Texas school, however, has taken a rather different approach:


So instead of following calls to restrict guns, which hurts only responsible gun owners, these teachers and administrators have decided to arm themselves. Great move guys!

“I trust that the administrators of this school district will put my kid’s best interest at heart,” parent Lacey Fenoglio told KDAF.

“I think if a tragedy does occur, lives can be saved by guns being in the right hands, and I think the teachers here might be able to stop something like that and life can be saved,” he added.

This policy is a win-win for the school. First, a potential shooter would think twice about walking onto that campus, knowing they would face certain armed resistance. And if they went through with it anyway, the staff will be able to protect their students and end the attack earlier than if they were disarmed – saving precious lives in the process.

More here. Doris Wise Montrose

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