Only more than willing to sacrifice the families of others.

That’s how it’s done there. Whether it’s absconding with funds (misuse of aid money) or placing the lives of civilians at risk by shooting from their lawns, or using their house as weapons weigh stations, the leaders are more than willing to use other people as human sandbags, while they protect their own elsewhere. I see the budding of ”buyer’s remorse” happening.

In some cases, according to these assessments, mid-level commanders – concerned that their homes would be destroyed – preferred to flee with their families from the areas of fighting. As a result, those fighters who remained often felt abandoned and lost the will to continue to fight.

Security officials paint picture of Gaza street seething and Hamas in disarray

LAST UPDATED: 08/26/2014 12:46

After weeks of IDF attacks, which have led in many cases to a breakdown in Hamas’s chain of command, there is growing skepticism in Hamas about whether the fighting continues to be worthwhile.

Hamas militants in Gaza

Hamas militants bury a slain comrade in Gaza Photo: IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA / REUTERS

As Operation Protective Edge enters its eighth week on Tuesday, Hamas has taken a severe military and morale blow, but its military arm is preparing for another round of fighting believing the price its people are paying is tolerable as long as its goals are achieved.

This is the assessment of senior Israeli security officials who nevertheless say there is growing skepticism among Hamas operatives about whether the fighting continues to be worthwhile considering the number of Hamas fighters who have been killed, the destruction of key military installations, the hit on the rocket manufacturing capabilities, and the destruction caused to the terror tunnels, which Hamas viewed as its “Day of Judgement” weapon.

According to these assessments, the IDF attacks in Gaza — including damage to the homes of senior Hamas commanders — the killing of commanders as well as damage done to the more junior military level led in many instances to a breakdown in  Hamas’ chain of command, and even the abandonment of the rank and file on the battlefield.

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NOTE: And to think that the Left actually champion these murderous bastards.

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