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It’s not really that amazing, leave a hatgeful ideology, and suddenly the world begins to look a lot more friendly.

Actually, from the moment I left Islam I stopped being an anti-semite, homophobe and mysogynist in an instant. The hate simply disappeared. The revaluation of values was radical but liberating.

AUGUST 17TH, 2014 8:01

The Jihadist – Former Convicted Jihadi talks about Homosexuality & Women

By @SaifRRahman

I talk to a previously convicted Jihadist (a teenage convert to Islam and now an exmuslim) about his earlier views on homosexuality and women. I’ve known him for some time now, but he wishes to keep his identity secret for fear of reprisals from his former brethren.

Saif Rahman: In your jihadi phase, how did you feel about homosexuals?

Ex-Jihadi: I thought they were sexual deviants. People who lavished in sin and who were so perverted that they spend their sexual energy on all kinds of perverse ways (as you know for a Muslim ‘morality’ is almost completely identical sexual morality).
In my perception gays suffered from an extreme lack of manliness and were further characterized by debauchery, lack of sexual discipline, cowardice and worldliness. They were the polar opposite of what a Muslim man should be. I also regarded them as subversive and dangerous, a threat to the fabric of the Ummah. The presence of gays only spreads sin and vice in the Muslim community, and they corrupt Muslim youth by their example of being effeminate.

In my mind a Muslim man had only one single purpose in life: he is a born soldier whose whole existence has no other purpose than to wage and to die in war. Gays are dangerous since they undermine national morale and give an example of cowardice. Being gay and soldier at the same time was simply unimaginable to me.

Next to that gays were a national security threat because I regarded them as people who commit excessive sins, thereby corrupting the Ummah by their presence and driving away the divine favor. In the worst case they would invite divine wrath and punishment to fall on the entire community. In jihadi circles for examples it is commonly excepted that Muslims lost Andalus because worldliness spread, homosexuality increased and men ceased being men. Therefore Allah withdrew his blessings and divine help and the Muslims of Andalus were destroyed.

Because of this we thought suppression and punishment for gays was fully justified. This only went for male gays by the way. As far as i can remember we never held similar view on female gays.

More here. Via Jihad Watch

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