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Epic fail utopia!

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But….this is socialist, multicultural, radical egalitarian Sweden!

Every fifth Swedish girl suffers sex harassment

Every fifth Swedish girl suffers sex harassment

Published: 15 Aug 2014 08:26 GMT+02:00

Every fifth girl attending Swedish high school has reported being subjected to sexual harassment, according to a new report from an anti-bullying charity.

Some 12,766 children took part in the report compiled by Friends.

“This is a major societal problem that is not given the priority that it should. There is instead an acceptance, but we can’t accept that sexual harassment is part of a child’s everyday life,” said Friends General Secretary Lars Arrhenius.

Sexual harassment in a school environment was the focus of the survey for the first time, and results indicated that 20 percent of girls and 10 percent of boys reported being victims.

“One time a guy walked up to me and took my breasts like I was a freaking doll,” one girl said.

More here. H/T: Buck

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