Hamas War Crimes



Yet more evidence of Hamas war crimes.

Spanish Journalist in Gaza: Hamas Launched Rockets From Press Hotel

AUGUST 12, 2014 1:35 PM

Author:Joshua Levitt

Freelance Spanish journalist Fernando Gutiérrez. Photo: Twitter / Fernando Gutiérrez.

Freelance Spanish journalist Fernando Gutiérrez said on Twitter Hamas was launching rockets from the press hotel, in Gaza.

In Spanish, Gutiérrez, who is writing for Melilla Hoytweeted, “On Saturday, 9th of August, Hamas launched a battery of rockets from the press hotel. What was their intent? To provoke Israel to kill us?#SaveGazaFromHamas.”

The journalist later said he recorded audio of the rockets being launched.

On Twitter, Gutiérrez told followers that he went to Gaza to see the facts for himself.

In another popular tweet in Spanish, Gutiérrez said, “I would be lying if I told you I saw signs of apartheid in Israel. But I’m not going to lie,” posting a photo of an Arab IDF soldier kissing his mother, wearing a hijab, on the cheek.

Freelance Spanish journalist Fernando Gutiérrez telling followers on Twitter that it would be lie to say there were signs of apartheid in Israel. Photo: Twitter / Fernando Gutiérrez.

In Spain, amid reports of ISIS militants coming into the country, where they are using Facebook to recruit, the country is split over Israel.

Many Spaniards are following the lead of actors Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, who published a widely read Op-Ed, condemning Israel for the Gazan death toll rather than acknowledge the belligerence of Hamas that has drawn Israel into war.

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