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This is not good.

A possible carrot was given in a massive order by Russia for three Finnish built ice breakers worth around 280 million Euros, and at a time when EU sanctions on Russia are starting to bite the Finnish economy as Russia places a retaliatory ban on importing of Finnish foodstuffs.

Russian state media aims for radio station in Helsinki – already discussing license

The Voice of Russia, the Russian government’s international radio broadcasting service, is looking into securing a broadcast license in Helsinki. However there are no free radio long-term FM broadcasting frequencies available and Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja says he’s not open to granting a license to a foreign state body. Apart from Helsinki the Voice of Russia would like to set up shop in several other western countries.

Kremlin Spasskayan torni.
Russia’s government-backed international broadcasting operations are branded as the Voice of Russia. Image: Yuri Kadobnov / EPA

The Russian state-owned international radio broadcasting service has big plans to expand the global reach of its news and radio operations. According to information obtained by Yle, the broadcaster’s initial international targets are Washington, London, Berlin and Helsinki.

Operations in Washington and London would be largest, but investments in operations in Helsinki would also be considerable. According to Yle’s information the goal would be to hire some 25 employees including journalists and other employees in Finland to produce Finnish language news from the Kremlin’s perspective.

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