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Gaza-Israel Dateline Paris: Dispatch No.7
by Nidra Poller

August 7, 2014

“Never again” isn’t working. Let’s try “Don’t you dare.”

Don’t you dare solemnly declare your intention to kill all the Jews. Don’t you dare vote for a party that promises genocide and tools up for action. Don’t you dare hand out sweets when Jews are murdered, don’t you dare wave the flag of Islamic mass murder, don’t you dare sit humbly like a frog on a log while the mujahidin dig tunnels under your butt. When the day of reckoning explodes on your poor head and reduces your camouflaged military base to ruins, and your evil taskmasters make you climb over the rubble pretending to gather a few miserable belongings, don’t come crying to me. It’s your rubble, you wanted it, you got it. As for your hospital passion plays, howling ambulances unloading bit players while your mangled warriors are slipped in by the back door, please be informed that I do not look. I will not participate. Don’t play games with me.

More than 500 journalists were posted in Gaza this month and all they saw was hospital performances, selected rubble, wailing women in hijab, almond-eyed children in UN schools before & after staged massacres, and Hamas information sheets stamped with the UN logo. The same footage was reeled out on every channel from the BBC to SkyNews. They could have mentioned, with readily available illustration, that those refugee kids were deprived of the summer camps where they dress up in battle fatigues and practice killing Jews with cute replicas of lethal arms. Footage of ferocious Hamas warriors decked out to kill, jogging Indian file through their state of the art tunnels, shown on the Israeli channel i24 news was available to any journalist who cared to know the whole story.

On the home front, the ground is littered with victims of lethal narrative warfare: commentators, analysts, specialists, elected officials, heads of state and big chiefs of international organizations are moaning, holding their heads, shrieking with indignation. Even as the concrete evidence topples into the public domain—the Hamas manual of underhanded warfare, the multimillion dollar tunnel network complete with plans for a joyous high holiday massacre, tunnel entrances and weapons caches in homes, schools, hospitals, and mosques–the frenzied condemnation of Israel rises in crescendo. It has nothing to do with the facts. It is entirely disconnected from the pace of the action, the situation on the ground. It is like pre-recorded background laughter for a stand- up comedian.

The height of outrage erupts with the “massacre” at an UNWRA school in Rafah. B. Obama, L. Fabius, D. Cameron, and the orchestra leader B.K. Moon sing out in unison: this is too much, it’s worse than a massacre, it’s a carnage, a massive bloody slaughter. “International opinion” joins in the choir. Enough is enough. Inexcusable. Granting that weapons had been discovered in several “abandoned” UN buildings, the puppet-faced General Secretary of the UN rewrites the rules of war and decrees that it is illegal to strike a civilian site used for military purposes.

It seems that the last-straw massacre (that I predicted weeks ago) follows the hallowed tradition of the staged al Dura death scene and other massacre hoaxes, including Jenin, Kfar Qana, the Gaza Beach etc.. It was apparently a Pallywood production, with all the familiar tricks, convincingly analyzed frame by frame by Thomas Victor [http://www.thomaswictor.com/two-pallywood-duds/]. Unless someone can provide a serious refutation, we can conclude that no one was massacred in the UN school at Rafah. But the UNSG puppet has to whine louder than everyone else put together because the UN(WRA) is Hamas-compliant down to the last stretch of tunnel, the last inch of a launch pad, the last letter of a manual on how to wage war by getting your civilian population killed and their homes destroyed. By the way, many homes in Gaza were destroyed by Hamas booby-traps installed to kill Israeli soldiers. And 25% of the rockets aimed at Israel fell short.

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