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And we’re told to believe that it would never influence their reporting.

A couple of weeks old but still newsworthy. What other news agency has reported on this major piece of news? It’s like a similar entity in Vichy France purchasing space to launder its views in the pages of the NYT during WWII.

The Foundation Now on

From: Press Releases

Published: July 24, 2014 07:36

Content from The Foundation magazine, Qatar Foundation’s (QF’s) monthly magazine can now be found by clicking here on CNN’s website.
Foundation cover ENG.jpg
The Foundation features full-length reports on the most high-profile recent events in the QF calendar, a round-up of the latest news, and in-depth profiles of some of the organization’s many centers, research projects, and initiatives.

Inside the Middle East is a 30 minute monthly feature program on CNN that seeks to capture the dynamism and broad range of cultural diversity in countries across the Middle East. Together with exclusive online articles and galleries it gives a fresh perspective on life in the region that goes beyond the news headlines. It is broadcast in association with Qatar Foundation.

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