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This is how Mohamed instructed his followers after the hijra to Medina (the former Jewish city vanquished by mohamed, and its menfolk beheaded and women and children taken into slavery)

Iraqi women sold as slaves to the souk in Mosul

Women-chretiennes-IraqThe Iraqi Red Crescent urges the international community to intervene to save Christian women, sold in the souks of Mosul by the Islamic state.Video.

The jihadists of the Islamic state now impose their laws from another age in the areas they occupy in central and northern Iraq, including Mosul. All communities are abused and humiliated, especially the Christians.

The latter, who live in this area for 2,000 years, are now stripped of their possessions and driven from their homes. Those among them who resist are downright executed.

As for women, they are driven like a herd of cattle to the souk in Mosul and sold at once in auction as slaves .

More here in French H/T: Vlad

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  1. I would say they have lived there longer than 2000 years. They have lived there as Christians for 2000 years though.

    “My people were here when Abraham left for Canaan”. -Georges Sada, calls himself a Chaldean or Assyrian.
    “Saddam’s Secrets”. – Georges Sada, General, Iraqi Air Force (ret).
    It is a good read.

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