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A small baby step forward when we really need giant leaps.

It might be rose colored, but I am in agreement with Marc, it’s a start, and you have to start somewhere to finally reach your destination, in this case, actually naming the enemy, its modus operandi and strategic goals.

H/T: Marc Louis via Jihad Watch

Former Australian army chief: “Australia is involved in the early stages of a war which is likely to last for the rest of the century”

Aug 8, 2014 at 4:13pm Australia 139 Comments

PeterLeahyAssuming that there are sufficient numbers of free people left in 100 years to continue the fight, the struggle will go on far longer than that. It will continue as long as there are people who believe that their god commands them to wage war against and subjugate those who believe differently. Peter Leahy’s assessment has the appearance of being tough-minded and realistic, but actually it is quite rose-colored.

“We’ll fight Islam for 100 years, says ex-army head Peter Leahy,” by Brendan Nicholson, The Australian, August 9, 2014 (thanks to Kenneth):

AUSTRALIA needs to prepare for an increasingly savage, 100-year war against radical Islam that will be fought on home soil as well as foreign lands, the former head of the army, Peter Leahy, has warned.

Professor Leahy, a leading defence and strategic analyst, told The Weekend Australian the country was ill-prepared for the high cost of fighting a war that would be paid in “blood and treasure” and would require pre-emptive as well as reactive action.

“Australia is involved in the early stages of a war which is likely to last for the rest of the century,” he said. “We must be ready to protect ourselves and, where necessary, act pre-emptively to neutralise the evident threat. Get ready for a long war.”

Senior intelligence officials have moved to shore up public support for the Abbott government’s tough new security laws, including enhanced data-retention capabilities enabling agencies to track suspect computer usage.

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation director-general David Irvine said the proposed data laws, which require phone and internet companies to retain records for two years, were “absolutely crucial” to counter the jihadist terror threat.

The government’s security package also includes a $630 million funding boost to intelligence agencies and police to help prevent domestic terrorist attacks.

Professor Leahy — a former lieutenant general who ran the army for six years, from 2002-2008 — said the threat of radical Islam would require action on several fronts, including a strengthening of controls against biological, chemical and nuclear attacks.

It would also include greater protection for critical infra­structure and iconic targets against attack.

The Western withdrawal from Afghanistan did not constitute the end of the so-called war on terror, “nor, as was claimed by prime minister Julia Gillard, in January 2013, a transition from the 9/11 decade”, he said.

Michael Krause, a former senior Australian Army officer res­ponsible for planning the coalition campaign in Afghanistan, said he agreed “absolutely” with Professor Leahy. “I have seen these people,” the retired major general said.

“I know how they think. I know how they fight. There is no compromise possible.

“These long wars require long commitment to outlast radical ideas and provide viable, meaningful alternatives which require a whole-of-government response, rather than assuming the military can or should do it all.’’

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