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He speaks in Finnish with English subtitles.

I’ve been reporting on Muslims in Finland connected to the jihad for some time now, it’s gotten so bad that they are waving it like a flag in the faces of the authorities. A Sudanese Christian living in Finland was raked over the coals some years ago for suggesting that the authorities take a closer look at the Somali community in Helsinki. He was right.

NOTE: Clue bat for YLE, all mainstream Islamic orthodoxy takes the koran and other Islamic texts literally, word for word.

Finn appears in ISIS propaganda video

A video posted on YouTube on Sunday is being seen as the first definitive evidence of a Finnish recruit to Islamist militant organisation ISIS.

Youtube-video ratsastava mies.
Image: Youtube

Posted on Saturday, the video features a man speaking accented Finnish promoting ISIS’ agenda to construct an Islamic state based on a literal interpretation of the Koran and governed by Sharia law.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is an extreme Islamist organisation operating in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is currently engaged in battle against other rebels groups as well as the armed forces of the Syrian government. The organisation announced the creation of a caliphate – or Islamic state – a month ago, seizing control in parts of Iraq and Syria.

The video represents the first concrete evidence of a Finnish recruit to the armed Islamic extremist organisation.

In June, national daily Helsingin Sanomat reported that it had acquired footage of an Espoo man claiming to be an ISIS fighter, however it was unable to verify his identity.

According to the security services, around 40 people have left Finland for Syria. However, there are many parties to the conflict and there is no information as to how many of these departees may have left to join the ranks of ISIS.

YLE H/T: Simon Elo

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  1. People like this are not only incapable of appreciating their good fortune in living in countries like Finland – but insist in creating conditions in the world that they wish will lead to the destruction of western democracies and freedoms.

    Such people have no place in our societies. Finland should do what other countries are now doing – cancelling his passport – and deny them any right of return.

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