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So by default, they’re rooting for Islamonazis.

Norwegian MP calls for boycott of Israel over its Gaza offensive

Anniken Huitfeldt

Anniken Huitfeldt

Norwegian leftist parties supported a call by a member of parliament to boycott Israeli products against the backdrop of the deadly Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip, Anadolu agency reported Sunday.

Labor Party MP and chairwoman of the defence and foreign affairs committee in the Norwegian parliament, Anniken Huitfeldt, has earlier called for boycotting Israeli products which Israel manufactures on occupied territories.

Huitfeldt demanded the government to implement the boycott as soon as possible “without wasting time.” Six other leftist parties endorsed Huitfeldt’s call.

Even though Norway does not sell arms to Israel, two of the parties supporting the boycott, the Labor Party and the Center Party, have stressed on the need to review Norway’s policy of selling arms to third-world countries, which resell those arms to Israel.


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  1. How many rockets do the Gazans get to launch?

    How many rockets do the Israelis have to take before they respond?

    How many rockets will the French take? How about the Swedes in Malmo? What about the Thais in Southern Thailand?

    Can the Kenyans in Nairobi fight back. How about the people in Mombasa? What about the Nigerians? What about the 278 girls? Can the Indians in Mumbai fight back?

    Or maybe we should all become Muslim. After all, that’s all they are fighting for. Get use to it. Because leftists do not have the courage to admit the facts. Islam wants you to convert or die.

    Western leftist liberals are more concerned with committing cultural suicide than dealing with the reality of Islam. I wonder if Anniken Huitfeldt looks good in a burka.

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