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I am informed by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff about the following attack on some pro-Israel supporters in Austria, being reported by the Österreich newspaper. Elisabeth tells me that:

today’s newspapers report anti-Israel demos (1,000-1,300 demonstrators) in the western cities of Innsbruck and Bregenz (which has a sizeable Turkish population). Two women waving Austrian and Israeli flag were attacked.

The online version of the article does not mention that, it only states that the pro-Hamas group crossed over the tracks and started to throw stones. Elisabeth promises to send me the pic of the original newspaper article which mentions the two flag carrying women, and I’ll add it this post.

Bregenz: Riots at anti-Gaza Demo

Bregenz: Riots at anti-Gaza Demo

Demo for the Palestinian cause met with counter-demo.

OE 24: At a demonstration against Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip erupted Sunday afternoon at the Kunsthaus Bregenz clashes as the protesters met with a counter group. Some participants threw stones from the train tracks at their counter-partiesTrain services had therefore to be closed for about half an hour, said the police Vorarlberg.

The notified demonstration under the slogan “Free Gaza” was launched with around 1,600 participants at the port of Bregenz, the route of the train should run along the train tracks to the Festspielhaus Bregenz. At the height of the Kunsthaus Bregenz, the demonstrators met a counter group of about 20 people who proclaimed on the other side of the tracks their displeasure against the Pro-Gaza demonstration. Some participants of the first demo then crossed the tracks and started with smaller stones to throw at the people on the street.

Thanks to the quick intervention of the police, which was loud ORF Vorarlberg with about a hundred men in action, coarser physical fights could be prevented. The railway, however, had to be closed for half an hour.

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