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It’s just one more stake into the heart of the nation.

The ”muslim culture” is a domineering supremacist mono-culture, that inflicts pain and duress upon all who feel its demands and intimidation and violence.

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L.A. City Council Adopts Muslim American Heritage Month

via L.A. City Council Adopts Muslim American Heritage Month | Diversity | Agenda | KCET. h/t Unicorns & Rainbows

The Los Angeles City Council adopted a resolution on Wednesday recognizing the contributions and activism of the Muslim American community and declared July 2014 as Muslim American Heritage Month.

Council member Curren D. Price, who introduced the resolution, represents one of the largest and longest-standing Muslim community centers in South LA — the Bilal Islamic Center.

“Residents from my community approached me to commemorate the Muslim community and culture, and I felt it was only appropriate to celebrate this culture as we do dozens of others in our city,” said Price. “Our city’s diversity, and our acceptance and tolerance of our different beliefs, is part of what makes our city great.”

Earlier this year, Project Islamic Hope, an L.A.-based civil rights activist group, collaborated with council staff to work on an initial draft that would later be introduced to the council.

“It’s a very important resolution. It’s historic,” Najee Ali, the project’s founder, told KCET. “It will help bring Los Angeles Muslims closer to the mainstream and civic life and affairs of our city where we will have a chance every year to highlight the various cultural traditions of the Muslim community.”

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  1. “recognizing the contributions and activism of the Muslim American community”– just name one, you bastards! One friggin’ contribution apart from flying jets into buildings….!

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