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 “Karabach will become the mass grave of the Armenian.”

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Parliamentarian: Scandalous Behavior of Turks during Demonstration

Christian Democrat Parliamentarian Pieter Omzigt said that various slogans shouted during a demonstration by Turks against a monument in Almelo memorializing the Turkish genocide of the Armenians were scandalous. He gave as an example the slogan “Karabach will become the mass grave of the Armenian.”

It was shouted by a speaker and repeated by the public. Omzigt also said that members of a military band who wore Ottoman uniforms were a provocation in view of the fact that the genocide was carried out under the Ottoman rule. Omzigt together with four other parties, SGP, CU, SP and PVV have asked the government whether they know anything about Turkish government pressure on mosques, foundations and organizations to participate in the demonstration.

These parliamentarians also want Foreign Minister Timmermans to discuss the demonstration with his Turkish colleague.

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  1. Islamists, like communists, have a long memory and a penchant to deceive all kafir (non-believers). I read “Armenian Golgotha” by G. Balakian and it deeply affected my own thinking beyond that of Hitler, Stalin, etc. The backlash from those who are in denial (of nearly everything else too) is to be expected. It is necessary to never forget the past 1,400 years of Islamic violence and the more than 230,000,000 voices crying out from the grave against their inhuman treatment by Islamic hands.

  2. They VEHEMENTLY deny genocide. In Turkey itself it is a criminal offence to call it a genocide . The Turkish government spend time money and resources intimidating and threatening other governments, foreign media and organisations who mention or highlight this atrocity. And YET they stand there proclaiming a MASS GRAVE for the Armenians. Only muslims could LIE and DECIEVE so blatantly !!!!!!

  3. And here are more Turks celebrating the Armenian genocide in Washington, D.C. USA:

    It is clear that not much has changed since these Turks grandparents were slaughtering the Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians. Same genes, same mental dispositions.

  4. Genetic mapping has shown that modern Turks bear very little relationship genetically to their mongol forebearers from Central Asia, rather they have a mosaic DNA matching that of Slavs, Greeks, & Armenians…. no surprise since the original small # of invaders assimilated w/ the natives of Anatolia & Balkans. They’re disposition not genetic but cultural. Basically they are Armenian/Greek/Slavic by race but don’t know it, culturally adopted way of Arabs , not even their Tatar/Mongol origins more than a thousand years ago.

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