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Any questions as to why the islamonazis look at the French as easy targets?

Critics say French penal reforms ‘coddle jihadists’

Critics say French penal reforms 'coddle jihadists'

A massive reform to France’s justice system has prompted harsh criticism. Photo: AFP

Published: 06 Jun 2014 18:39 GMT+02:00

France may be rethinking the tough on crime stance it adopted under former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Under a sweeping penal system reform voted on provision-by-provision in front of the National Assembly this week, lawmakers approved a ban on locking up expecting mothers and have backed creating a new type of probation that could replace prison sentences of up to ten years in length.

Assembly members have also voted to end the mandatory minimum sentences introduced under Sarkozy, which some activists have blamed for the spiking population in French jails.

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