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The best analysis to date on the subject.

The whole idea of enforcing open borders in order to swamp Europe with 3rd world Muslim migrants, while confiscating sovereign power from individual democratic parliaments and imposing the failure of multiculturalism to scale back any cultural identity, all in order to ”secure a Fascist free Europe”….is sheer lunacy.

NOTE: The goal is to destroy the host culture by swamping it with the cultures of everyone else, and they simply do not care how it’s done, even with a culture more devastating than the Nazis and the Communists.

As I see it: Europe’s more complicated problem

06/05/2014 22:18

The way to nip the European neo-fascist movement in the bud is for Europe to become once again an alliance of self-governing nation-states.

Far-right Jobbik party rally in Budapest, May 4, 2013

Far-right Jobbik party rally in Budapest, May 4, 2013 Photo: REUTERS

The Jewish world has reacted with horror to the results of the European elections as displaying an upsurge of parties promoting Jew-hatred. Certainly, the results give plenty of cause for such concern. But in significant respects, such a response is wildly off-beam.

Some parties which surged, such as Greece’s Golden Dawn, Hungary’s Jobbik and Germany’s National Democratic Party (NPD), are undoubtedly fascist or bigoted. And France’s National Front, which avoids the open Jew-hatred of its founder, Jean-Marie Le Pen, nevertheless retains troubling undertones.

But others lumped in with these truly noxious parties by anti-Semitism-watchers are not racist or fascist at all. Britain’s UKIP wants Britain to leave the EU, restore its democratic self-government and preserve its national identity. In Italy, the former comedian Beppe Grillo’s Five Stars movement campaigns against political corruption.

In Denmark, the Danish People’s Party is against Islamization and non-Western immigration and wants to maintain the Danish monarchy and uphold the Danish constitution. In Finland, the Finns Party welcomes work-based immigration and requires immigrants to accept Finnish cultural norms.

All these parties are being smeared by association with truly racist and fascist groups as giving cause for concern. Two important errors are being made here. The first is to confuse the populist defense of national identity with fascism and bigotry. The second is to assume that only the EU stands between us and the fascist hordes.

In fact, it’s the EU that has created all these groups, both populist democrats and anti-democrats.

The EU was founded in the wake of World War II on the assumption that nationalism was the cause of fascism. Subsume national identity by pooling sovereignty among member states, went the thinking, and nationalism would be abolished and with it prejudice and war.

The EU’s supra-identity necessarily entailed the free movement of populations between those member states. That in turn reinforced the idea of multiculturalism, which meant that no culture could assert its values over any other.

This was supposed to outlaw bigotry. Instead, it outlawed all those who wanted to uphold their national identity and culture and give it political expression through democratic self-government.

There is nothing inherently racist to want to preserve your country’s cultural identity rather than see it transformed into a kind of international transit lounge by unlimited migration – or worse, steadily Islamized by radical Muslims who aim to colonize the West for Islam.

The desire to wipe out a national culture and its expression through self-government is itself a kind of fascism. Yet it is those who defend national identity who are denounced as racists or fascists.

Across Europe, mainstream political parties have all colluded in this process. The deeply anti-democratic EU has ridden roughshod over national identity and democratic institutions.

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  1. Betrayed: Operation Paul Revere
    “In 1973 the UK joined the European Economic Community, this video shows how the British people were deceived into assimilation into a Federal European Super State.
    The film 33 minute documentary mentions the various treaties which increasingly grab power with policies like

    the introduction of the Europol- the EU wide police force,
    EU system of corpus jurus which will bring the eventual removal of the protections of ‘trial-by-jury’& habeas corpus,
    as one of the most contentious issues, the introduction of the (17:41)European Arrest warrant which requires only the identity of the person on the warrant to which a judge has no option but to sign the warrant & the suspect can be immediately transported to a country where the safeguards of the British system of justice do not apply.
    ——>Is this one of the reasons so much pressure is being exerted upon European poliical forces to allow Turkey EU membership? Once Turkey becomes a member of the EU, there will be no legal barrier keeping European citizens safe from the routine enforcement of shariah.

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