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Swedes back return to state railway monopoly

Swedes back return to state railway monopoly

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Published: 07 Jun 2014 08:41 GMT+02:00

Some 70 percent of Swedes back the reintroduction of a state railway monopoly, while a majority remain supportive of market liberalization and increased competition in general, according to a new survey.

A re-nationalization of the railways is in particular supported by senior citizens, men and those living in the north, according  to the survey by Novus and presented by researchers Jenny Björkman and Bjorn Fjæstad in a debate article in the Dagens Nyheter daily on Saturday.

The researchers asked 1,017 people (with a response rate of 57 percent) about their views on the recent decades of market liberalization and increased consumer choice.

The de-regulated pharmacy market is a second area which is poorly supported with 44 percent responding that the situation had become worse for consumers, compared to 24 percent who see improvement.

Some 60 percent were opposed to profit-making companies being allowed to run hospitals in Sweden, while a third were in favour. This is the issue which is most divisive among the Swedish public, the researchers concluded.

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