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State suicide watch.

The same country that can’t hurry to import enough Muslims into its country and onto the public dole system.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

Swedish spy chief warns of rise of Islamist threat


Security Police director of Operations Anders Thornberg speaks at a news conference in Stockholm
Security Police director of Operations Anders Thornberg speaks at a news conference in Stockholm, December …

By Alistair Scrutton

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden’s biggest security threat comes from around 200 Islamists in the country with the potential for involvement in militant attacks, including young people radicalized after joining the war in Syria, the state’s spy chief said.

Increasing Russian espionage and signs of “war planning” from Moscow since the Ukraine crisis took second place in Sweden’s overall security assessment – although it did not see any increased immediate threat, Anders Thornberg said.

Sweden has long taken a standoffish position in international affairs, avoiding even the world wars of the last century. But military roles in Afghanistan and missions to Mali have undermined that formal neutrality and made Sweden more of a target, said Thornberg, who has spent over two decades at SAPO.

“We are talking about a couple of hundred people that are supporting or are willing and capable to carry out terrorist attacks in Sweden or planning a terrorist attack in Sweden against targets in neighboring countries or other places in the world,” Thornberg told Reuters.

Thornberg, head of the SAPO security police, said there were more radicalized Swedes involved in Syria over the past two years than in the past 10 years of other insurgent campaigns.

Several Western states have voiced concern about the risk from youths returning home trained for jihad after joining disparate rebel groups, which include foreign al Qaeda insurgents, in Syria.

“It’s a huge threat,” Thornberg said. “We have seen through the years before that a lot of people were traveling to Afghanistan, to Yemen, Somalia, other countries, learning how to do jihad.”

More here. H/T: Fjordman via Jihad Watch

2 Responses

  1. It is my wish to save the Swedish Government some time and expense. If you are a good Muslim, you follow the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith to the letter. Anything else and you are a bad Muslim. Being a bad Muslim makes you an apostate (think Muslim version of Kafir). The penalty for which is, inside of the trinity of wisdom listed above, a slow and painful death. If you would but take the time to study their own published, annotated, and historical doctrine, you could figure it out. So the question may be much larger than the mere 200 estimated above. Think about it. Or not. You can always close your eyes and ears and simply hope the troubles go away. Good luck!

  2. I didn’t know Sweden had a ‘spy chief’. LOL!

    The way things are at present, the ruling totalitarians will probably put him out to pasture so he can’t rock the boat anymore. Somebody could wake up!

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