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Alternative headline: Obama prefers ostrich approach to Islam 101


I have to disagree with Amb.Bolton on one point, while individual Muslims can’t be considered ‘monolithic”, Islam, for all practical purposes, is. Whether certain Muslim adhere to the full teachings of Islam is something different altogether, but the deadly teachings do in fact exist. As long as all four schools of Islamic orthodoxy dictate what Islam is, codified in the sharia, as well as supporting the institution of Jihad, second class citizenship for non-Muslims, Islam cannot be deemed ”peaceful”.

Yes there are Muslims who do not follow the sharia, but whenever societies fall under the sway of Islam, the sharia and every form of degenerative Islamic expression comes into the public square. You’re conflating ”peaceful Muslims ” with basic Islam 101, and it’s not peaceful ….at all.

BOLTON: Pretending the Islamic fury does not exist

Denial will only worsen the day of reckoning

Los Angeles high society is in turmoil following the decision of Brunei’s sultan, owner of the Beverly Hills Hotel, to implement Shariah criminal law in his country, including brutal restrictions against homosexuals and lesbians. Of course, there is nothing really new here. In 2007, then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, asked at Columbia University about Iran’s treatment of homosexuals, said, “We don’t have this phenomenon.” Indeed, since Shariah’s penalty for “this “phenomenon” is death.

Americans nationwide were shocked at Boko Haram’s kidnapping of 276 young girls in Nigeria, and the threat they will be sold into slavery or forced marriage. Their crime was being educated, but sadly was no different from Boko Haram’s many prior indiscriminate attacks against nonbelievers. Under criticism for not designating the group as a terrorist organization until late 2013, despite its well-known, bloody history, President Obama dispatched U.S. personnel to aid Nigeria’s ineffectual response to the kidnappings.

Most recently, President Omar Bashir’s repressive regime in Syria has condemned a pregnant woman to death for apostasy by marrying a Christian and refusing to reconvert to Islam. The facts are disputed, but the government’s death sentence and its wider implications are not. Lt. Gen. Bashir’s bloodthirsty suppression of Darfur, the long civil war against Christians in now-independent South Sudan, and providing Osama bin Laden asylum in the 1990s are all too painfully evident.

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  1. ….Most recently, President Omar Bashir’s repressive regime in Syria has condemned a pregnant woman to death….

    Omar Bashir is president of Sudan not Syria. Syrian president is Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

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