This is pure ignorance coupled with a strict adherence to the political narrative, astutely captured in Vlad Tepes amazing video:

When Muslims are clearly waging a classic, military holy war (Jihad) against Christians–as Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria–TIME magazine presents it very differently.
In their current (May 26) issue, Belinda Luscombe puts Boko Haram’s “abduction” of 276 schoolgirls in a politically correct context. Her article, “Bring Back All Girls,” minimizes and “disappears” the fact that capturing infidel girls for sex is a legitimate act of Jihad. Instead, the 276 Nigerian schoolgirls are shown as only a very small part of the kind of “forced labor” that exists in the world.


For weeks, I have been wrestling with the question: Should America and the West take on Boko Haram or not.

Now, France–not the United States–has convened a meeting of five western African states in Paris. American, British, and other European diplomats attended what was primarily a regional African alliance (Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Chad, and Benin). The Africans were, no doubt, assured of technical and behind-the-scenes Western assistance in order to take down Boko Haram. Israeli and Western experts have been on the ground for some time now.

French Prime Minister Hollande has done the right thing. But, he has only done so only after Boko Haram and so many other Jihadic groups have slaughtered, enslaved, terrorized, and exiled an untold number of human beings in the Arab Middle East, Muslim central Asia, the Far East, Europe, South America, North America, and in Africa.

Americans do not really grasp what is going on in Nigeria. Our media are reluctant to publish the word “Muslim” or “Islam” when they cover terrorism; they justify or deny the Muslim hatred of Jewish Israel and allow the Muslim persecution of Christians to fly far beneath the radar. In fact, where Muslims are in the numerical “minority,” as in India, the mainstream media have viewed them as “persecuted.” No articles appear about the persecution of Hindus in Pakistan or in Kashmir or about the ongoing illegal waves of Muslim Jihadists and criminals into India.

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  1. Honestly folks – what is one to make of this brief clip?

    Jackson and Shaheen. The same total refusal to face the facts and acknowledge the truth as so well illustrated in the satirical sketches of Obama and company that follow.

    Really folks. Are these two worth feeding?

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