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Northern Ireland tensions at boiling point over Gerry Adams arrest

Work continues on a mural depicting Gerry Adams on the Falls Road, Belfast

Sinn Fein warn they could drop support for police over the arrest of Gerry Adams, as Stormont’s justice minister insists the move was “entirely appropriate”

The arrest of Gerry Adams by police investigating the murder of a mother of ten was “entirely appropriate”, Stormont’s justice minister has said.

David Ford suggested that politicians criticising police over the move were in a “dangerous position”.

His intervention came after Martin McGuinness warned that the Northern Irish peace process could be undermined if Mr Adams is charged with murder.

The former IRA commander, now the deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, issued a series of thinly veiled threats against the Government as Mr Adams spent a third night in police custody.

He said he was “personally furious” over the situation which was causing growing anger among Republicans.

However on Saturday morning Mr Ford told the BBC’s Today programme: “It is normal practice if somebody is likely to be arrested in the course of an inquiry that they are arrested at the start of discussions.”

He added: “I don’t know whether Gerry Adams thought he was going to turn up at Antrim’s serious crime suite, have a wee chat for half an hour and then go off again, but clearly on the scale of the concerns expressed, of the information – which I entirely accept is not yet evidence – it was entirely appropriate that should be followed up in the normal way.

“Those decisions are for the police, supported yesterday by an independent judge in extending the time for that investigation to continue.”

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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