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Why don’t they just get chip implants and go full 1984.

Normal people with an aversion to big brother-like intrusions are shocked, statist indoctrinated Swedes on the other hand, well, they couldn’t care less.

Swedes replace credit cards with hand swipe

Swedes replace credit cards with hand swipe

File: Jakub/Flickr. Colour editing: The Local

Published: 14 Apr 2014 16:55 GMT+02:00

More than a thousand Swedish shoppers have signed up to make payments with a swipe of their hand, paying at machines in Lund that scan the unique pattern of their veins.

Hand scanning has become an alternative payment method for people in a city in southern Sweden, researchers at Lund University said Monday.

Vein scanning terminals have been installed in 15 shops and restaurants in Lund thanks to an engineering student who came up with the idea two years ago while waiting in line to pay. Some 1,600 people have signed up already for the system, which its creator says is not only faster but also safer than traditional payment methods.

“Every individual’s vein pattern is completely unique, so there really is no way of committing fraud with this system,” researcher Fredrik Leifland said in a statement. “You always need your hand scanned for a payment to go through.”

While vein scanning technology existed previously, it has not been used as a form of payment before.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

3 Responses

  1. Mmm. kind of sounds good in some ways.
    Whoa, stop right there!
    It is actually quite sinister. It will destroy freedom. People are turning into numbers, mere stats on a database.

    It’s a bit too six-six-sixish for my liking.

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