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There was a spate of backlash against the UK’s Telegraph, and others like the Daily Mail, that the reports of hard liners taking over schools was being exaggerated, to the point of being fictitious. Well they’re correct, and a Muslim parent can verify it.

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Muslim parent: Radical school is brainwashing our children

Mohammed Zabar, whose daughter attends Oldknow Academy, has spoken out after the head, Bhupinder Kondal, was driven out

Mohammed Zabar of Small Heath in Birmingham

Mohammed Zabar is the father of a 10-year-old girl attending Oldknow Academy in Birmingham Photo: Andrew Fox

By Andrew Gilligan

11:00PM BST 05 Apr 2014

Children at one of the state schools taken over by hardline Muslims are being “programmed” and have been “drilled” by their teachers to lie to Ofsted inspectors investigating the plot, according to a parent.

Mohammed Zabar, the father of a 10-year-old girl attending Oldknow Academy in Birmingham, today becomes the first person to speak openly about events at his daughter’s school.

Mr Zabar, 44, decided to break his silence after The Sunday Telegraphdescribed how teachers at the supposedly secular school led children in anti-Christian chanting, stopped them from celebrating Christmas, organised subsidised trips to Mecca and required all pupils to learn Arabic.

Bhupinder Kondal

The successful non-Muslim head, Bhupinder Kondal, who achieved an Ofsted rating of “outstanding”, has been driven from her post. Four of the six-strong management team have left in the past six months.

“Everything I read in your articles is true,” he said. “The last three or four months have been really difficult. My daughter’s education has been at the back of my mind the whole time.

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