Denmark Mocking Islam



Sounds of the call to prayer fill the air.

H/T Vlad, who is getting the piece transcribed into English


Firoozeh Bazrafkan is the protagonist in this week’s edition of Ekstra Bladet reality show ‘Paparazzi’, and the 31-year debater is not the bashful type.

The 31-year-old Iranian-born artist and debater had her breakthrough when she turned to comedian Omar Marzouk with his middle finger on live TV in ‘Deadline’ on DR2.

Her art is known to arouse indignation among many believers because of the works that have critical of religion undertones.

In January she shredded a copy of the Koran and got the result displayed on a prayer rug at Gallery Draupner Skanderborg under the name ‘Blasphemy?’

She has previously given the Quran hundred lashes and posted a video of it online.

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  1. This woman reminds me of a brasher, more in-your-face version of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In fact, these two ex-Muslim women are a nice complement to each other. Hirsi Ali exuding a more scholarly, factual attack against Islam while Bazrafkan’s bold stunts ridicule this perpetually offended religion, and chips away at its power to intimidate people into silence.

    I like her! She’s got a fiery spirit that obviously won’t be cowed into apologizing any time soon. People of Denmark, hang onto this one, and don’t let her go.

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